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Pricelist (Emergency Commissions)

Reference Sheet

• Starts at $140, includes a full body front view and 5 key details
• You can opt to include a back view, side view, and extra expressions. 
• Back view: +$30 (sketch), +$60 (fully rendered)
• Side view: +$30 (sketch), +$60 (fully rendered)
• Extra expressions (each): +$20 (sketch), +$30 (fully rendered)

Live2D Model

• Half body: Starts from $650
• Full body: Starts from $850

• Half body models cut off at the wrists 
• This is only the Live2D art. You will receive a .psd file with all parts separated and ready to be rigged. It DOES NOT come with the rigging. You will have to commission a rigger for the rigging.
• I can work with your rigger to fix the layers according to their working style at a fee. This is a separate service. 
• All models come with 3 basic hotkey expressions. If unspecified, they’ll be Happy, Crying and Angry. You can switch these out for other ones in the list. 
• All models will come with a fully drawn body base, so please be rest assured that new outfits/hairstyles can be commissioned at a later time. 


• Happy
• Crying
• Angry
• Smug
• Embarrassed
• Blank
• Nervous
• Happy tears
• Sheesh…? 


• Complex details: $100+
• Extra eye(s): $80+
• Extra ear(s): $50+
• Extra arm(s): $80+
• Extra leg(s): $80+
• Extra toggle expression: $40 per expression
• Extra outfit: $400+
• Extra hairstyle: $300+
• Character design: $140+

This list is just a guide, not the rule. Please enquire if you need other add-ons!


Flat colours and minimal shading
From $80

Character art
Fully rendered, simple background
• Half body character: From $100
• Full body character: From $140

Character + fully rendered background art
From $300

Terms of Service (Emergency Commissions)

Before commissioning

• My commissions are strictly for use by individuals only. This means that if you are an individual using my commissions for your monetised Twitch streams, that is fine. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list.
• If you represent a company, please email me at contact@tsukidoki.art to inquire about commercial rates.
• Prices stated on this website are only a guide. Extra details might incur extra costs. I will need to take a look at your commission details to gauge the amount of effort required for your commission.
• All prices stated on this website are in USD.
• The delivery date will be up to 3 weeks from the date of payment confirmation. Should there be any delays, you will be informed via Twitter DMs. 
• Payments will be made over Stripe. An invoice will be issued to your email. You do not need a Stripe account to make payment.
• Please note that there will be a 4% Service Fee, rounded up and added to your total.
• Do prepare visual references. Unless you have full reference for your character, there will be add-on charges.  If you do not have any/adequate visual references, I do provide character design consultancy and services. This will be its own commission.

During the process

• Upon payment confirmation, I will provide a sketch of your commissioned piece. You can either approve it or make changes to it.
• I will provide periodic updates through screenshots via Twitter DMs or Discord. Please feel free to ask me for updates any time during this stage.
• Once done, the commission will be delivered through email. Please acknowledge it and download the file(s) and keep it/them in a safe place. There is no guarantee I will always keep your commission files.
• I reserve the right to post WIPs and stream the process of your commission. If you require me to keep the project a secret until a certain date, please let me know.


All other commissions
• Post-delivery, no more changes will be allowed. There would have been an abundant of updates and revisions before delivery.

Live2D Models
• There will be a 10 day warranty period for me to fix any issues. After this warranty period, there will be a fixing charge. This will only apply to technical issues (wrongly merged layers, wrongly cut parts, etc) and not applicable to cosmetic changes (e.g change of colours, changing expressions, etc).
• I can work with your rigger to fix the model and/or re-cut parts according to their preference. This is included in the 10 day warranty period.


• Due to the nature of emergency commissions, I will not be able to provide a refund at any time. 

Usage and redistribution

• You will have to provide credit to me whenever possible. You can provide credit in your Twitter bio (not a tweet under a pinned tweet thread) and stream page (Twitch panels/Youtube description). Do tag me (@tsukidoki or https://twitter.com/tsukidoki) on Twitter and do not put a slash after ‘@’ (i.e @/tsukidoki).
• If you are not comfortable with this, please email me to inquire about purchasing rights to my work.