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Illustration (Closed)

Character Illustration

Comes with a simple single colour/gradient background.

• From $300

Full Illustration

• From $600


+ Character design: From $150
+ Complex details: $50 – $200
Vtuber Model (Closed)

Half Body

• Base price: $1200

Full Body

• Base price: $1800

OK: Girls, lean guys, menhera, light injuries or wounds, lewd models as long as they’re not nude

Not OK: I will not accept requests to do highly defined muscles, heavily mechanical parts, genitals and hardcore gore.

Things to Note

• Half body models cut off at the wrists 
• This is only the Live2D art. You will receive a .psd file with all parts separated and ready to be rigged. It DOES NOT come with the rigging. You will have to commission a rigger for the rigging.
• I can work with your rigger to fix the layers according to their working style at a fee. This is a separate service. 
• All models come with 3 basic hotkey expressions. If unspecified, they’ll be Happy, Crying and Angry. You can switch these out for other ones in the list. 
• All models will come with a fully drawn body base, so please be rest assured that new outfits/hairstyles can be commissioned at a later time. 


• Happy
• Crying
• Angry
• Smug
• Embarrassed
• Blank
• Nervous
• Happy tears
• Sheesh…? 


• Complex details: $100+
• Extra eye(s): $100+
• Extra ear(s): $100+
• Extra arm(s): $150+
• Extra leg(s): $150+
• Extra toggle expression: $100 per expression
• Extra outfit: $600+
• Extra hairstyle: $600+
• Character design: $200+
• Liaising with your rigger and extra revisions: $150 

This list is just a guide, not the rule. Please enquire if you need other add-ons!